Little Flock Missionary Baptist Church
Our History
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The Little Flock Baptist Church was established in 1867, just two years after the ending of the Civil War. The first Pastor was Rev. Charles Oldham. These leaders and founders were mostly free men and women and recently freed slaves. The first church was located on 2nd street between Magnolia and Burnett Streets. After several moves and changes in pastors, the members and friends moved the actual church structure on wooden rollers from Preston and Caldwell to its' present location at 1030 South Hancock.

In 1937, the church was heavily damaged by the flood. Many of the streets were flooded in the area of the church and families had to be evacuated by boats. The damage to Little Flock was so great, that the members of Bates Memorial invited Little Flock to worship with their congregation.

The year of 1959, the church was damaged by fire. The fire occurred just two years after a considerable amount of remodeling had been completed on the church. The structure was beautified on the exterior and interior following the fire and additional property purchased.

In 1967, the church was 100 years old. A commemorative booklet was published and distributed and a weeklong celebration was held to express Little Flock's gratefulness to God for his many blessings. The number of members of the congregation was estimated at around 500.

During the year of 1980 the church burned the mortgage for the Educational Building. On March 17, 1985, a groundbreaking ceremony was held for a new church sanctuary. Members participated in several special activities. One of these activities was the collection of memorabilia that was placed in a time capsule. The capsule is to be opened in the year 2035. During the month of March 1987, the new sanctuary was completed. Members of the congregation along with members from St Matthews United Church of Christ, our neighboring church, marched with the Little Flock congregation from St Matthews to the new sanctuary.

On November 18, 2001 the church burned the mortgage for the church sanctuary. The Little Flock Baptist Church Camp was implemented under the leadership of former pastor, Rev. Clarence Bivens during the 1990's. The annual resident camp is held during the month of July and is directed by Bro. Norman Martin.

On June 8-13, 1997, Little Flock hosted the National Baptist Sunday Church School and BTU Congress. The event was held at the Louisville International Convention Center.

Since 1999, the Little Flock membership has grown by leaps and bounds. Results of a church survey conducted by Pastor Bernard Crayton were used to establish new ministries for the members of the congregation. Those church ministries have grown to over thirty. Pastor Crayton presented his vision for a Center for Family Life to the members of the congregation. The congregation expressed excitement and enthusiasm about the proposed structure. In preparation for the future growth of the church, additional land in the neighborhood was purchased and the services of an architect and contractor were sought in planning for the Center for Family Life.

The year of 2006, plans for the Center for Family Life changed dramatically. Approval from the Metro Louisville city government planners was denied for use of church owned land for required parking. Negotiations with the city were not successful thus; plans for the Center for Family Life were changed. The members of the congregation voted to move the Little Flock Baptist Church from its 1030 South Hancock Street location to another site in the Shelby Park neighborhood. The revised plans included purchase of vacant land and a warehouse at the comer of St. Catherine and Preston streets. The new plans for the property include but are not limited to, the church sanctuary, classrooms and activity space, a gym, restrooms, offices, and a kitchen. Under the leadership of Pastor Crayton, the future of the Little Flock Baptist Church is unlimited.